Transforming B2B Companies with AI, Machine Learning, and Identity Resolution Ad-tech

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We empower business owners with our technology in two ways: First, we’ve built an enterprise-level Identity Graph with 250+ million U.S. consumers over the last 8+ years. Business owners can use this technology to identify their website visitors. Currently a visitor must fill out a form or subscribe to something in order for you to […]

21 Business Scenarios Where Site Visitor Match Technology is Building Traffic, Increasing Conversions and Growing Profits!

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Below are proven, right-fit vertical/ business scenarios for Payback Digital’s Site Visitor Match technology. 1. Authority Websites A. Play a large role in the Buyer’s Journey B. Have huge potential to create products from their content C. Leverage the behavioral look-alike power of Google, Facebook, Amazon & DSPs 2. High CPC A. Speaks for itself […]

Payback Site Visitor Match Re-Targeting vs. Facebook/ Google Re-Targeting – SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

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What’s Site Visitor Match? A method of resolving the identity of your website visitors to put you in permanent control of your “first-party data.” It sounds simple, but the process is incredibly complex. Think of it this way… Every website you interact with (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) assigns an identifier to you. A “code” so […]


How Payback’s People Based Marketing Technology Turns Data-Driven Personalization Campaigns Into Conversion Gold

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I recently read an article in eMarketer about how marketers are struggling with data-driven personalization. Why Marketers Struggle with Data-Driven Personalization by Ross Benes – eMarketer Personalization is a key part of many marketing strategies, but it remains a very difficult task for marketers to pull off effectively. In a recent survey of 190 marketing […]

The Impact AI & Machine Learning Ad-tech is Having on Mortgage Origination’s

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This Article first appeared in the October 2018 Issue of National Mortgage Professional (NMP) – The source for top originators:   Does your mortgage company have the capacity to handle the additional volume of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for your origination business? Can you process an increase of 30, 40, 50 or even triple […]


How to Build Businesses Leveraging the Power of Aligned Self-Interest

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The Power of Aligned Self-Interest… That’s it. It’s quite simple really. This is the strategy we use in our business to build long-term valuable Advertising Partnerships. We put our Advertising Partners goals above our own… In other words, if THEY don’t get paid, WE don’t get paid. Afterall, isn’t this how the Client/ Business relationship […]


Payback Digital’s ‘People Based Marketing Identity Graph’

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Payback’s Identity Graph contains 252 million REAL U.S. consumers – with 2.6 emails, 2.5 devices and tracks 50+ billion online URL navigation behaviors daily. Our database exists outside the walled gardens of Google and Facebook. WE OWN IT. This aspect of our technology is WHY we are several steps ahead of our competition in the […]


People Based Marketing: 34 Verticals We’re Dominating in the U.S. Right Now

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Here is a list of verticals we are dominating in the U.S. market: Accountants Auto Body and Auto Repair – Auto Repair – Auto Body/Auto Interior Boats, Yachts, and Watercraft – Boats, Yachts & Watercraft Campers, RVs and ATVs – Campers & RV’s – ATV’s Chiropractic Coaches and Consultants  – Personal Trainers  – Marketing Consultants – Sales […]


People Based Marketing: Our Machine Learning Algorithm Predicts Outcomes

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A business pays for results. Our People Based Marketing technology delivers outcomes. Sales. Revenues. Profits. Machines are stupid on their own. But once you feed it the information you want it to learn, they become masters at seeing patterns. For example; one of the industries our Machine Learning algorithm has helped us dominate the last […]

3 One-of-a-Kind People Based Marketing Product Offerings to Grow Your Business You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

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These are the three types of leads we provide to the largest brands in the world, the fast-growing small businesses across the U.S. and everything in-between: #1 #2 #3   These 3 People Based Marketing product offerings are the future of digital marketing and are transforming businesses, large & small, across the U.S. in every […]