Payback Site Visitor Match Re-Targeting vs. Facebook/ Google Re-Targeting – SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

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What Site Visitor Match? A method of resolving the identity of your website visitors to put you in permanent control of your “first-party data.” It sounds simple, but the process is incredibly complex. Think of it this way… Every website you interact with (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) assigns an identifier to you. A “code” so […]


How Payback’s People Based Marketing Technology Turns Data-Driven Personalization Campaigns Into Conversion Gold

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I recently read an article in eMarketer about how marketers are struggling with data-driven personalization. Why Marketers Struggle with Data-Driven Personalization by Ross Benes – eMarketer Personalization is a key part of many marketing strategies, but it remains a very difficult task for marketers to pull off effectively. In a recent survey of 190 marketing […]


How People Based Marketing Combined with Facebook Look-a-Likes Solves the Cambridge Analytica Debacle

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Facebook has taken a hit the last few weeks with the Cambridge Analytica situation that has motivated Facebook to cut-off all 3rd Party Data… Facebook’s demographic data is awesome, but it was supplemented with 3rd Party transaction data to make it’s targeting more effective. Not to worry – with Payback’s 250+ million 1st Party data […]

How Our People Based Marketing Technology Solves the $6.5B Digital Ad Fraud Problem

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Watch this 39 minute video for the full story… The Problem… Third Annual Bot Baseline Report Estimates a 10 percent Decline in Economic Losses Due to Ad Fraud The third annual Bot Baseline Report reveals that the economic losses due to bot fraud are estimated to reach $6.5 billion globally in 2017. This is down […]