How Payback’s People Based Marketing Technology Turns Data-Driven Personalization Campaigns Into Conversion Gold

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I recently read an article in eMarketer about how marketers are struggling with data-driven personalization. Why Marketers Struggle with Data-Driven Personalization by Ross Benes – eMarketer Personalization is a key part of many marketing strategies, but it remains a very difficult task for marketers to pull off effectively. In a recent survey of 190 marketing […]


People Based Marketing: How to Save up to 75% on your User Acquisition Costs

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Today digital¬†advertising is riddled with fraud.¬† Up to 50% of every ad you buy was sent to a non-human that doesn’t buy things. Payback’s People Based Marketing technology has zero fraud. How do we know? We know because our 250M databased started with transaction data. We take 25-30 billion measurements per day on things like […]