8 Opportunites Target Market Mapping Reveals That Turbocharge Brand Awareness, Conversions and Sales

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The Buyer’s Journey – AIDA There are Many Marketers who might argue that the “old skewl” interpretation of the Buyer’s journey is no longer relevant.  There may be other steps between awareness and customer loyalty that have to happen before a prospect becomes a loyal fan and purchase every one of your products.  I have […]


How Payback’s People Based Marketing Technology Turns Data-Driven Personalization Campaigns Into Conversion Gold

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I recently read an article in eMarketer about how marketers are struggling with data-driven personalization. Why Marketers Struggle with Data-Driven Personalization by Ross Benes – eMarketer Personalization is a key part of many marketing strategies, but it remains a very difficult task for marketers to pull off effectively. In a recent survey of 190 marketing […]

The Impact AI & Machine Learning Ad-tech is Having on Mortgage Origination’s

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This Article first appeared in the October 2018 Issue of National Mortgage Professional (NMP) – The source for top originators:   Does your mortgage company have the capacity to handle the additional volume of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for your origination business? Can you process an increase of 30, 40, 50 or even triple […]

3 One-of-a-Kind People Based Marketing Product Offerings to Grow Your Business You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

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These are the three types of leads we provide to the largest brands in the world, the fast-growing small businesses across the U.S. and everything in-between: #1 #2 #3   These 3 People Based Marketing product offerings are the future of digital marketing and are transforming businesses, large & small, across the U.S. in every […]