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How Does Target Market Mapping Laser Focus Marketing Resources; Increase Sales, Customer Retention & Lifetime Client Value?

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Target Mapping Lets You Know When Your Best Prospects Are In Market For Your Product. An Invaluable Advantage For Your Sales Team. Know When, Where, How and Who To Promote To In Real Time. As Soon as Your Prospects Begin The Buying Journey

  • You Don’t have to Guess Who’s In Market For your Solutions Anymore
  • Start making  calls and sending better focused cold email to prospects you know are in market. Send your message to your prospects wherever they are online on whatever device they are using
  • Know the fastest path to profit Every Morning with simple to assimilate insights, when you log  into your CRM
  • Make A Quantum Leap In Lead Generation and Customer Experience Strategies. By knowing who to target when and where to communicate. At the same time knowing what caught their interest
  • Enjoy An Increase In Team Morale As Your Sales Team Chomps At The Bit Every Morning Anxiously Waiting To Get To Their Post, Crack Open Their CRM And Start Cranking Up The ATM

Everything that’s worked like magic in the past to make you thrive and drive B2B Lead Generation and Client Acquisition will soon be useless – and it’s going to happen faster than you think.

“68% of the B2B buyer’s journey is completed online anonymously BEFORE you ever get to talk with a prospect.” – Forrester 

Everyday you send your BDRs to the bullpen with a list of likely prospects to call. In an effort to generate awareness and interest and nurture desire for your solution. Paving the way for a close with clockwork precision.

You’re setting up cold email drip campaigns designed to do the same job. Sending thousands of messages that are destined to the trash can, in the hope you can find the 3% of the market that needs you right now.

Your account based organic LinkedIn Cold outreach delivers some real results. But it’s difficult to scale due to the manual nature of live Direct Messaging and the contact constraints imposed on all LI members.

You push your website content out to your prospects and customers over email, social and industry platforms without a clue whether they’re currently in-market for your core solution or other offers.

You may have awesome content and  landing pages. Converting form fills on over 5% of your total website visitors.  

But that really means that 95% of your traffic is gone for good when they leave. 

You’re burning up your marketing budget, and you’re burning out your inside sales teams.

There’s no good reason to have to work like this.

PayBack Digital’s Target Market Mapping

Payback Digital’s Target Market Mapping solutions let you take advantage of Identity Resolution, Behavioral Tracking and Machine Learning. 

Our technology reveals the identity of the majority of prospects currently in-market or in funnel for your products.  

We can identify new leads the minute prospects start the buyer’s journey visiting your site or one of your competitor’s. And drop that information in an easy to use format on your CRM.

We give you their email, phone number and physical address, along with over 400 other identifiers, so you can reconnect with them any way you want. 

Then we track their behavior across millions of URLs and billions of actions to learn to predict buying behavior with increasing accuracy.

 “Using machine learning, it became possible to answer questions like: what is this person most likely to buy today? What is this person’s overall predicted spend? What is the best channel to use to reach this person to maximize the probability of her buying again in the next month? Answering these kinds of questions on a per-person basis and in real-time is a game-changer that allows brands to foster long- lasting relationships with consumers based on data.”Martech 2019 

We’re not telling you that we have a better process for lead generation than the one you’re using now. Or that we have a new and better idea. 

We’re saying that the industries of both B2C and B2B Lead Generation as we know them are transforming, and we figured out how to play for pay, successfully in these new arenas.  

And we’re saying that success in business is largely a result of knowing things about your market that your competitors don’t know. Giving you access to buyer’s journey insights that have never been available before.

Analyzing individual buyer’s journey insights enables the opportunity to:

  • Gain complete transparency into your buyer’s journey utilizing identity resolution technology. Know where your prospects are on the buyer’s journey every morning.
  • Increase sales efficiency by converting your website visitors directly into sales leads for your sales team. Let your sales team know EXACTLY who is interested in your solution.
  • Cut marketing costs by only targeting those clients that are In Market or in funnel and ready to Buy now. 
  • Improve client conversations by knowing which products and services to start the discussion with for each individual. 
  • Improve customer retention by knowing when your clients are shopping your rivals, about to leave you or buy a second or third product that you sell from your competitor. 
  • Reduce customer cost of acquisition by 25 to 50% 
  • Keep your salespeople focused on pure sales opportunities and not prospecting blindly 
  • Know which customers to engage first by knowing which ones are most likely to buy and their value ranking for your business 
  • Stop relying on your opt-in page or your inbound phone calls to determine your sales strategy.

How We Build Our Target Market Map 

Our Target Market Mapping data is developed using three core technologies – Identity resolution, Behavioral Tracking and AI Machine Learning. 

  1. Identity Resolution

Identity resolution allows us to assign the behaviors we collect to a person. So instead of just collecting anonymous data, which doesn’t do us much good, we can turn that data into insight about an actual flesh-and-blood person. 

Identity Resolution needs what’s called an Identity Graph behind it. An Identity Graph is a kind of database that contains all of the identifiers we have for a person.  

This allows us to know who they are across multiple devices and email addresses (and offline) so we get an accurate picture of their behavior. Once we do all that, we can determine someone’s purchasing intent — are they in the market for a new ERP, Group benefits, new technology, a new piece of construction equipment, a new HVAC system, or your solution. 

  1. Behavioral Tracking

We currently collect more than 50 billion pieces of behavioral data every day. We collect things like: 

  • URL-Level navigation
  • Keyword search behavior
  • Content consumption
  • Campaign response
  • Past purchase behavior
  • IoT Data

We track prospects as individuals and make predictions on their buyer’s journey by comparing their activity to those in the market who have already made a purchase. A technique known as closed loop analysis.

The way we do that is through AI Machine Learning.  

  1. AI Machine Learning

AI Machine Learning allows us to take the massive amount of data and buyer’s journey insight that we collect attach it to real people, analyze it and predict the next steps in their buying behavior.. 

What the machine looks for are patterns — patterns of behavior that tell it that one person is in the market for a mortgage (or isn’t), or that another is in the market for a new security system (or isn’t).

How To Use Target Market Mapping

Utilizing the data we provide you in your marketing campaigns can be as simple as opening your CRM inbox to find a template imported with name, contact points across personal and business addresses, devices and physical addresses, company and company directory. As well as hundreds of other identifiers and behavioral insights. Behavioral insights are identified when prospects come in-market, or in-funnel.

When a client lands on your website, we resolve their identity. You can begin marketing to the prospect, long before they opt in to ask for a salesman.

You own the data we generate. It is not time sensitive. It is privacy compliant, platform agnostic and does not disappear when browsers clean their cache.

On the B2B side, developing a contact may be as simple as a cold email or LinkedIn connection or phone call. Or a series of channel interactions. Doing the work you already do with a business development team, with the added insight of knowing exactly who you should target.

In the B2C verticals, targeting your advertising campaigns using an in-market hash file can ensure that you don’t waste ad spend on prospects not yet seeking a solution like yours. And ensures that your marketing is relevant for both your solution and the buyer’s position in their buying journey. 

One thing is certain. If you are not using this technology yet, you need to think about it. Because before too much longer you will certainly be competing against it. If you aren’t under that pressure in your vertical already. This is a zero sum game. There will be a winner. And a lot of losers.

Here’s What You need to do next:

  • Schedule a Fit Call with Payback Digital to make sure that your business fits our requirements to work with Demand Insights.
  • Demand Insights will qualify your company and solution in a discovery call.
  • On successful completion of a discovery call, we’ll schedule a demonstration call where we’ll demonstrate our process live.
  • Our team will walk you through the process of data collection, what the data is, and how it can be best utilized. 
  • We then get to know your business and your needs to better understand how to uniquely assist you in your current situation. 
  • Once we have proper documentation to register your company with our Identity graph, we then look for behavioral traits based on your suggestions and our machine learning algorithm to create the proper identifiers that apply to you. 
  • Then, on a daily basis we push those prospects that exhibit this behavior to your CRM or Sales / Customer Service Team members. 
  • Schedule A Call With Our Team Today, for a unique marketplace discussion about your business and how we can help! 

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