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How Payback’s People Based Marketing Technology Turns Data-Driven Personalization Campaigns Into Conversion Gold


I recently read an article in eMarketer about how marketers are struggling with data-driven personalization.

Why Marketers Struggle with Data-Driven Personalization

by Ross Benes – eMarketer

Personalization is a key part of many marketing strategies, but it remains a very difficult task for marketers to pull off effectively.

In a recent survey of 190 marketing influencers worldwide conducted by Ascend2, 63% of respondents said that data-driven personalization is a difficult tactic to execute. No other tactic listed in the survey—including content marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization—aroused such difficulty.

“Many marketers are still hung up on the notion that personalization means creating hundreds of taglines, creative variants and more,” said John Douglas, senior director of product marketing at Sizmek. “In reality, personalization is just as much about making the experience relevant to the consumer.”

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The Barrier to Entry for Data-Driven Personalization Has Been Removed!


Until now, powerful suppliers (like Google and Facebook) have controlled how your business can market on the Internet, because they own the first-party data!  You follow their rules and pay them to play buy them!

Whether you are using keywords, demographics or retargeting your own site visitors, you are paying a premium price to the ad platform to use their technology and their data, even when you already paid to drive the traffic to your site!

But now there is a much better way.

The Payback Difference

First, we EMPOWER & EDUCATE business owners about the most powerful AI Driven Advertising Technology in the world, and how they can use it to gain a competitive advantage in their market…

Then we show them how to:

  • Identify 50-75% of their website visitors whether they fill out a form or not
  • Own and control all of this 1st Party Data (permanent and portable)
  • Increase conversion rates by re-marketing directly to these exact people (by email, phone, direct mail, or ads)
  • Increase traffic by bringing this first-party data to the major ad platforms and ordering “Behavioral Matches”
  • Save 25-75% on their U/A costs by controlling this data and technology
  • Dominate their vertical in the market they serve

The Secret Sauce – Identity Resolution

Have you heard of Identity Resolution?

If you haven’t, use this as your first lesson…  it’s the future of everything in marketing.

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon – the most powerful companies in the world have THIS ONE THING IN COMMON: THEY ARE POWERED BY AN IDENTITY GRAPH.

Payback Digital is providing our Advertising Partners Identity Resolution with our U.S. based Identity Graph of 252M consumers.

In order to deliver a personalized experienced, you have to know who the person is you’re marketing to and only advertise to them when you “know” they are In-Market for what you sell.

This is the key to our “Needles in the Haystack” analogy: We market only to the Needles, then go find you more Needles!

Because of this tech we are able to advertise only to people who are “In Market” for your product and advertise to them wherever they go on the Internet! (or offline too!)  Multi-device, Multi-channel, Multi-browser, and even email, phone or direct mail!

To engage with a consumer at the right time, in the right way, when they are in hot pursuit of what you sell – this is the Marketing Gold we have been talking about.

Payback puts our Advertising Partners front & center – TOP OF MIND – when it counts most with their customers.

By reading this article, you are ahead of your competition.  But they read too…

Whether you choose to work with Payback Digital is up to you.  But as of now, you have the upper hand.

Set up a call to learn the rest of what you need to know, so you can successfully lead your company into this data-driven future.


Mark Harai

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