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How To Survive The Corona Shutdowns Increase Market Share & Save Your Company and Your Job

Americans are obsessed with the fantasy of life after the apocalypse. Hollywood has exploited the genre of the post apocalyptic struggle of man for decades.

If you’re responsible for revenue generation at your company, you are looking the apocalypse dead in the eye right now. And the moves you make over the next 30 days, will determine whether your company ends 2020 in the black…or you end up out at the dog park. Playing with your only remaining friends…

Everything Has Changed

Not surprisingly, most of Hollywood’s post apocalyptic adventures, like our current reality, begin with a virus. 

The zombie apocalypse genre is predicated on an illness spawned by the spread of a deadly virus. Passed by community contact, infecting every person on the planet. 

The gruesome result can only present itself after the infected human has left their conscious life behind. 

These epic apocalyptic  hero tragedies have a basis in fact. And they are a reflection of actual events in human history.

The power centers of the modern world shifted drastically after WWI and WWII. 

For some Eastern European nations who lived under the tyranny and threat of Soviet domination until the fall of the Soviet Union, they may have felt that their lives were guided by post apocalyptic chaos. 

Similar in fact to the lives of the hordes that formed down under in Mad Max’s Australia…

The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 – 1920 infected as many as 500 Million of the 2 Billion people on the planet at the time. 

Death Rate Estimates for that pandemic range from 17 million to 50 million dead during the outbreak. As near to an apocalyptic pandemic as our race has experienced. The reason that the fatalities count spread is so wide? 

All of the Post WWI governments in Europe, America and Asia were lying about mortality rates (sound familiar?). 

They lied, so that their populations would not panic and short circuit the post war economic boom among the victorious allies. 

Or perhaps even deepen the depression in Germany caused by the one-sided Treaty of Versailles.

Most people thought that it was just a particularly strong outbreak of the flu. They had no idea that a quarter of the population was infected, and that death rates had approached 10%. 

The only country that reported actual death figures was Spain. And that’s how the Pandemic was named “The Spanish Flu”…People thought the worst part of the crisis was there in Spain.

We’re living at a point of inflection. For our country, and your company. 

The models that we are trying to avoid, that you HAVE TO AVOID are imposing. 

Because we’re looking at the intersection of the Spanish Flu, and the Great Depression, for all that we can tell. 

And none of the outside events are in our control..

Everything has changed.

 We’re not anticipating darkness. Darkness is upon us. 

Moving Your Team to Crisis Management

The onslaught of COVID-19 has changed the landscape of business operations from the back office to the front lines of every business operation in America. 

If you don’t react quickly and  correctly, RIGHT NOW your work from home period to ensure social distancing may become a lot more permanent than you were figuring from the start…

Consumer spending is dropping like a rock. It won’t take long until business output retracts. 

The stock market has given up more than a third of its value, depending on what happened today. Swinging wildly up and down with each glimmer of hope and dire prediction amidst the propaganda of doom 

Spreading the sense of panic deeper into the corporate hierarchy and consumer consciousness.

We started 2020 as though the party would never end on either Wall Street or Main Street.

Just As I started writing this story, Governor Baker of Massachusetts became the latest State Executive to close his entire state down. 

Citizens are required to remain in place for all but essential outings. To the grocery store and back to the house.The state is basically closed for operations. 

All non essential movement and all non essential businesses will be shuttered as of Noon, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Following similar actions that started in NY, NJ, CA and WA

And while every day alive is a small victory in the Zombie Genre, the praetorian leadership who hold together enclaves of civilization are seen as possessing heroic virtue. 

A clear victor has yet to emerge in serial or film interpretations. Because the battle is still raging. 

While we don’t know what the current course of battle will bring us here in real life there will be winners and losers. 

And you’re going to be accountable for the results of a winner take all contest.

Your Planned Response To COVID-19

Now it’s up to you, the senior management in marketing and sales, to save your company from the zombie apocalypse. To stave off the downward spiral and the death knell sounded by cash starvation and insolvency.

The First and Second quarters of 2020 are destined to be recorded as the beginning of the next recession, the depth of which no one can accurately predict at this point. 

There’s almost no way to avoid it. Unemployment will spike momentarily. And cash flows across niches are going to shrink. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take market share during the downturn.

It will probably be hard to return to growing your business before the end of this summer, even if everyone gets back to work next month. 

While it is hard to grow in recession, if you play your cards right you can not only hold onto your current customers but gain some new ones. 

Maybe even growing top line revenue as your weaker competitors move closer to the end of their stories.

There are 2 sure fire paths to increasing top line revenue in your business. 

Increase first time sales. And sell more of your products to your existing customers. To get more sales means you need to get more leads. 

Sales are survival. How do you get them in a downturn?

The tendency among reluctant and conservative executive teams is going to be to restrict operations and reduce marketing budgets to reduce the cost of Sales. 

And while they may stop the perceived hemorrhaging, they’ll also risk slowing revenue and keeping a viable cash flow. Cash is life. 

Your competitors are cowering. They are shivering in their home offices, fearful for their company, their jobs and the global economy. 

Wondering when we will see a pattern of consistency in response to the virus that has turned the US economy, Into a spectre of chaos and panic. 

And when can we go back to work…

We were At or near the highest level of labor force participation and wage growth with the lowest level of unemployment  in 5 decades. 

That changed, nearly overnight.  

And we’re looking at pandemonium, a panic that could potentially make the last recession seem like a little dip. 

“We Can Be Heroes…Just For One Day”

On the upside we are positioned for a fast recovery, if current policies continue to hold sway.

The hunker down strategy is going to leave room for you to take market share away from the weak. You can take advantage of your competitor’s fear…

The weak will cut marketing budgets. 

The intelligent will redirect their effort to tasks and product menu items that have an increased chance of generating conversions. Focus your budget reallocation, as you pivot to profit. And at the same time cut conversion costs by up to 50% or more.  

If you work on the cutting edge of revenue generation for your company, you’ve just been given the chance to shine brighter than Robert Neville (Will Smith) in I am Legend. Lt Col Neville saved humanity from the apocalyptic virus…in exchange for his own life…

…or you could  end up looking like Ronald Wayne, 3rd Co-founder of Apple Computers. Who rejoiced in January of 1977 when Apple Incorporated. Not because of the potential windfall he became a part of, but  because he had extricated himself from the deal months earlier because of what he considered a potentially risky partnership with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

…Genius comes in many forms…

Payback Digital has aligned with Demand Insights to bring you a simple way to help you stem the tide of contraction that most companies will face as a result of the COVID-19 Lockdowns. 

And instead, not only keep your current customers, but add new ones as you grow your position in your market vertical.

We can help guide you in creating a simple formula to Keep your customers in your corner…

We give you the ability to track your existing and prospective customers digitally and by location. 

As they travel, do research and demonstrate behavior that tells us they are in-market for a solution that you (and competitors) provide. 

We can help you map your entire market. We generate in-market buyer leads for you, people researching your product in real time. IMMEDIATELY.

You Need Leads To Get Sales, Cash Flow is Survival

“68% of the buyer’s journey is completed online anonymously, before any outreach to sales” – Forrester’s

Would you rather be able to influence your prospect’s research? Or would you rather sit idly by while your competition plays their hand?”

With Payback’s Demand Insight Solutions, You’ll know if your customers are shopping your product on your website, at your competition’s website or their place of business. 

Which allows you the opportunity to influence buying behavior with personalized direct marketing efforts. Before anyone else can.

We help you find qualified new Leads quickly and consistently. Even in a retracting market. And we can help you discover your existing customers pending purchase plans at the same time.

For nearly every individual who is in-market or in-funnel for your solution. 

You will have the ability to engage only the prospects who have actively begun the buying journey. Across personal and company devices. On any channel you choose. Spending all your sales and marketing resources for a laser targeted market. 

Focusing your marketing spend on the segment of your market that is most likely to generate a quick conversion to a sale. 

Not on the 97% who are going to think about it later…And decrease your cost of customer acquisition, by 50% or more.

In the end, even in a downturn you can Increase sales. Increase customer loyalty sales. And increase customer retention. Just by knowing more than your competition does. Protect topline revenue. Protect solvency. Protect your company. Protect your job.

And come out on the other end of Corona shutdowns with an improved position in your market. 

Maybe even end up in the black for 2020…

Here’s How We Can Help You

How we help you make your data work harder for you to generate real time leads  requires a conversation. In fact, it means 3 conversations. 

Just to frame the conversation, you should know that through Demand Insights, we own the largest private identity graph in North America. 

We track 260 Million adult Americans across billions of websites on a daily basis. The technical details can’t be discussed in full until our second conversation. Our tech has been online since 2011. And it becomes more reliable, every single day. We can show you how to use that data to get more sales.

If you stay on the phone with us for more than 7 minutes, We’ll find out together if you qualify. And it will be because you want to talk. We don’t apply pressure tactics on our calls. Because the answers are obvious. Just like the qualifications.
We don’t want to waste our time any more than you want to waste yours.

In the first conversation, we’ll figure out whether your company and solutions are a good fit for the technology that we help you deploy.  

If you’re selling high end offers with a less than impulsive sales cycle, your product is searchable and part of a viable vertical, chances are you will meet the requirements for scheduling the second call. 

You also need to meet revenue requirements. We won’t hold our price as a royal secret… 

Our solutions are priced better than similar products on the market. But you’ll need to be able to afford a $15K price tag on a 90 day proof of concept, if mapping interests you. If you can’t do that, you’re not qualified.

The second conversation will be a discovery call with the technical team at Demand Insights where the scope of your market will be evaluated and specific conditions for meeting the marketing requirements will be determined.  

Finally we’ll demonstrate the technology on the 3rd phone call. And together make a decision whether it makes sense to work together on developing the technology and system specifically for your company and product menu.

If recovering from the COVID-19 shut downs is going to be a priority for your company It would be great to just take the 7 minutes we need to figure out whether you can gain the advantages our Demand Insight solutions will let you exploit.

You need Leads to get sales. You need sales to raise cash. Cash on hand means survival, at the bare minimum.

Sign up for a fit call with Payback Digital. We’ll both know inside 7 minutes whether your company can successfully deploy Payback Mapping, Site Visitor or In-Market solutions. What have you got to lose?

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