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People Based Marketing: Our Machine Learning Algorithm Predicts Outcomes


A business pays for results.

Our People Based Marketing technology delivers outcomes. Sales. Revenues. Profits.

Machines are stupid on their own.

But once you feed it the information you want it to learn, they become masters at seeing patterns.

For example; one of the industries our Machine Learning algorithm has helped us dominate the last 5-years is: AUTO

Initially, we would upload the past 6 mo. sales at a dealership to identify the online behaviors that each buyer displayed prior to purchasing a vehicle.

You’d be amazed at how similar the online behaviors are of people who are “IN-MARKET” to buy a car.

They visit sites like, shop car insurance prices, literally 100’s of similar behaviors in a 30-day period.

Once we upload the past 6 mo. sales, that would provide the initial targeting…

Our Machine Learning would go out on the world wide web and identify people displaying the same behaviors the past few hundred buyers did, and our Advertising Partners (car dealerships) would send their advertisements to only these consumers (3%) who are actually behaviorally InMarket to purchase a vehicle in their market.

This has resulted in over 400,000 vehicles sold and $11B+ gross sales in 5 years.

Now our Machine Learning is so dialed in the U.S. market, we can literally identify the 3% of consumers that are actually InMarket to purchase a vehicle in real-time in any market in the U.S.

We literally deliver outcomes to our Advertising Partners in the Auto Industry.

We are now 2.5 years in developing the same kind of targeting capabilities for every other industry that makes economic sense.

– Here is a list of our initial verticals –

If you would like to see if there is availability in your vertical in your market, contact us before your competition does!

We look forward to educating you on the future of digital marketing.

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