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SaaS Marketing Tool Facebook Campaign [Case Study]


The case study profiled was taken from an interview with one of our partner agency’s that describes their clients experience using our People-Based Marketing technology with their advertising campaigns.

They typically include sensitive business information, so we don’t disclose names without explicit permission. They’re meant to serve as a guideline to illustrate the results you can achieve using our technology.

Established lead gen campaign for a SaaS Marketing Tool resulted in a 50% drop in average cost per click and a 70% reduction in the average cost per acquisition.


  • 50% reduction in CPC
  • $13.67 CPA with InMarketTargeting vs. $45.88 without
  • 70% reduction in cost per acquisition

If you have a SaaS related business and need a steady flow of new clients that are behaviourally in-market for SaaS products, contact us below to learn how we can get you similar results immediately!

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