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Transforming B2B Companies with AI, Machine Learning, and Identity Resolution Ad-tech

We empower business owners with our technology in two ways:

First, we’ve built an enterprise-level Identity Graph with 250+ million U.S. consumers over the last 8+ years.

Business owners can use this technology to identify their website visitors.

Currently a visitor must fill out a form or subscribe to something in order for you to know who they are so you can market to them.

The problem with this is 90% or more go to a website and never opt-in, leaving you the business owner with no opportunity to market to consumers that have visited your website.

We have solved this problem.

Secondly, we’ve owned a DSP for 8+ years and have a seat on the Google Ad Exchange for about that same timeframe.

Besides having the ability to send billions of ads globally, we use our DSP in a very unique way that ties everything together for our Clients… we have the ability to monitor 5 billion URL’s in real-time.

What that means is we can now tie online behaviors together with the identity and produce superior leads for a fraction of what your spending now.

We will NEVER be a walled-garden that controls you like Google and Facebook.

We give access to this technology to our clients so they can identify their 1st Party Data and effectively monetize it whenever they want.

They pay for it once. It never expires. It’s portable and they’ve now uncovered the most valuable data asset in their business.

Another huge benefit is a business can also have their data scientists use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to dial in their targeting and campaigns because we control both the behavior and the identity resolution.

Our competitors don’t offer that… It’s our superpower, or yours, depending on how you look at it!

What’s good for Google and Facebook is good for every business owner in the U.S.

It’s a game-changer… Would you like to learn how to empower your business?

Go here to watch 2 short videos (no opt-in): – then I’ll see you on the other side!

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