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Own Your Data and Define Your Future.

You Are More Valuable Than You Know
The big data companies treat you like they own you. Because they do! By joining Payback, you become the owner of your future.
You Already Have Everything You Need
Your phone, your attention and now your data are the three most valuable things on the planet. With Payback, you take back the power by owning your data and making money while you do.
Be Part of the Movement
In five years, EVERYONE will own their personal data. Be the one who empowers their family and friends. Join now.

Payback Was Built For You

What does that mean?

  •  The big guys were hoping you wouldn’t figure this out, because it’s worth thousands of dollars.
  • With Payback, You own your data, have all the power and make all the money.
  • It’s like turning your phone into an ATM. Make money whenever you want!
  • Over one trillion dollars were spent last year marketing to you. It’s time for you to take your fair share of this money and own your future!
  • Join the Payback community today and get the app that works for you.

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