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We are able to individually identify the people who come to your website (whether they opt-in or not) and put them in a file to use in these three ways:.

  1. To Increase Conversions:   We are able to connect directly and build relationships with the people on this list by email, phone, text, or postcard.
  2. To Increase Traffic:   We are able to bring this file to major Ad Platforms and request “Behavioral Matches”.  This specific type of targeting is producing ROI that has not been attainable until now.
  3. To Lower Cost:   Bringing your own data set to Ad Platforms lowers your cost for two reasons:
    1. You do not pay the Platform for their data (which they charge high rates for)
    2. Your ads are extremely relevant so the price goes down again.

You no longer need keywords nor demographics, and you don’t compete with Companies that do…



When you are adding more customers at lower costs than your competitors, you have a distinct advantage.

Most of your competitors have to work only with the people who opt-in to their site.  But by partnering with Payback Digital, you will be able to connect directly with a majority of ALL your website traffic.  Not just with ads, but with email, phone, text or postcard.


It adds value to all your efforts: SEO, Social, Content, PPC, YouTube, etc.  Any way your traffic comes, we can connect directly with them.

Payback People Based Advertising will light the afterburners for your company and help you make 2019 your best year ever!

There’s no better feeling than delivering a product and result no other company can provide.

We are looking forward to sharing our technology with companies that are the right fit for us.

Contact us now to see how your company can benefit by working with us.

People In Our Database (Millions)
Behavioral Data Per Day (Billions)
Contracted Data-Providing Companies
Campaign Channels Collected (video, mobile, email, etc.)

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We have many more case studies in a variety of verticals. When we do our Discovery Call together, we will find some in your vertical.

If you are ready make 2019 your best year ever by partnering with a world leader in People-Based Advertising, then contact us now.