People-Based Advertising Definition

People Based Marketing enables brands to advertise directly (and only) to verified, real people who are also behaviorally ‘In Market’ to purchase your product.


The Complete Solution

What We Do For You

When you join the Payback team you become part of our family, and we become invested in your success.

Payback People-Based Advertising Is A Fully Integrated Advertising Platform:

We run your entire digital marketing campaign:

  • We collect and manage the People-Based Data
  • We create the ads that convert
  • We administer the ad campaigns on multiple channels
  • We deliver the people that are ready to buy your product now.



When your advertising campaigns are converting customers significantly better and at lower costs than your competitors, you have a distinct advantage.

This is why our People Based Technology is systematically taking over verticals in the U.S., and how we’re able to deliver the most powerful advertising system available anywhere.

Payback People Based Advertising is best in market, because we are several steps ahead of our competition (yes, even the big names).

There’s no better feeling than to be able to deliver a product & result no other company can provide.

We are looking forward to sharing our technology with a few companies that are making a difference in the world, and desire to do more.

Contact us now to see if your company qualifies.

People In Our Database (Millions)
Behavioral Data Per Day (Billions)
Contracted Data-Providing Companies
Campaign Channels Collected (video, mobile, email, etc.)

Case Study Quick Stats

Lead CPA went from $40.75 to $20.39

Spent $9,993.96 on Facebook and generated $90,250.00



  • Client: Lead Generation Company who spends seven figures monthly on digital media.
  • Vertical: EDUCATION
  • CPA Bounty: $250 per qualified lead
  • Funnel: Ads on Facebook, pushed to a phone call for an in-depth interview identifying qualifications.
  • Length of test time: 3 months, from 9/13/17 to 12/7/17
  • Audience Engineered from 1,000 of the Client’s top performing keywords.
  • The Client’s average Lead CPA was $40.75
  • The Client’s average Lead CPA using our InMarket Audience Engineering $20.39
  • Dollar amount of media spent on test: $9,993.96
  • Dollar amount generated on test: $90,250.00
  • Number of leads generated  655
  • Number of qualified, billable leads 361
  • Cost of InMarket audience data: $2,000 per month, $6,000.00 total.
  • Additional cost not accounted for within this test, include, Ad-Ops and Call Center Staff salaries/cost.

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