Invitations Are The Best Solution For The Cookie-Apocalypse

Advertising Is Dying A Slow And Painful Death…


“Only 6% of brands, agencies and publishers are satisfied with the current digital advertising ecosystem.” -AdLedger

There is only one smart way to get people to fully engage with your marketing…

“Invite” People to engage with you and then pay them directly for their time and attention.

  • Stop chasing People all over the Internet!
  • Stop interrupting and distracting people!
  • Attract them to you in the easiest way possible.
  • “Invite” them to engage and then invest in the relationship.
  • Paying People elevates the value of the engagement and builds the relationship.

Introducing Invitations!

Invitations solve the 3 biggest problems with Digital Advertising:

  1. Fraud – Only qualified, verified People are on the Payback platform.
  2. Viewability – Every Invitation is watched all the way through, or there is no charge.
  3. Brand Integrity – Your Invitations are not attached to any other media.

Leverage the power of Invitations for your organization.


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